Non-Native Speakers

CHIN 101-104

Chinese 101-104 are designed for the general population; the classes focus equally on the four language skills and the integration of the four skills. If any of the following descriptions applies to you, you should consider the Heritage Track (CHIN 111-112):

  1. Speaking Mandarin Chinese at the intermediate level and above
  2. Speaking Mandarin Chinese as the home language or one of the home languages
  3. Having had extensive exposure to Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese or other variety of Chinese) and having obtained some level of proficiency in reading/writing in Chinese.

The placement test and a placement interview is required for our Chinese classes at all levels.


Our Basic Language Program introduces students to Chinese language and culture.

Each course in the sequence is a 4-credit hour course that meets three hours a week and includes an online work component. The online work prepares students for class allowing class time to be spent really using language through conversation and other activities!

Students who pass Chinese 104 fulfill the LAS language requirement and are able and encouraged to continue with 200-level courses.
course prerequisite semester offered
Chinese 101 - Elementary Chinese I placement Fall
Chinese 102 - Elementary Chinese II CHIN 101 or placement Spring
Chinese 103 - Intermediate Chinese I CHIN 102 or placement Fall
Chinese 104 - Intermediate Chinese II CHIN 103 or placement Spring


We use Integrated Chinese (Third Edition), published by for Chinese 101-104.

Minor in Global Asian Studies

Students wishing to Minor in Global Asian Studies may be able to use one course from the CHIN 101-104 sequence to fulfill part of the requirements. Visit UIC’s Undergraduate Catalog for details.

Who to contact

For more information on policies, placement, and course syllabi or for questions about Chinese at UIC, please contact the Chinese  Basic Language Coordinator.