Minor in Chinese

Add a Chinese Minor to your dossier! Make your hard work be recognized and work to your advantage!

To declare the minor, students must demonstrate basic proficiency in Chinese through coursework or a placement test.  Those who are using coursework for entry into the minor must have earned a grade of B or above in CHIN 103 or CHIN 111 in order to declare the minor.  Students who place into CHIN 104 may also declare the minor.

Students who want to minor in Chinese must complete 16 semester hours.

There are:

  • 3 required courses (one Basic Language course and two advanced Chinese language courses)
  • 1 selective (in Chinese history to be selected from an approved list)
  • 1 elective (with a focus on China and/or Chinese language and culture chose in consultation with an advisor)

See below for a list of previous approved electives.

Courses previously approved as electives

  • POLS231/GLAS231-Introduction to Chinese politics (3 credits)
  • GLAS/HIST473 Topics in East Asian History: Dissent in China, from Earliest Times to the Present (3 credits)

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