Note: The MA in Linguistics/TESOL has been cancelled. We are no longer accepting new students. 

The information presented here is for reference purposes only.

Required Courses

Students must take four required courses (4 hours each):

  • LING 405 Introduction to General Linguistics (4 hours) Introduction to the theories and methods of the phonological, morphological, and syntactic analysis of language. The historical development of languages. Language use. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours.
  • LING 483 Methodology of Second Language Teaching (4 hours) Methods of teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing to speakers of English as a second or foreign language. Same as CIE 483. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours.
  • LING 531 Grammar for TESOL (4 hours) Survey of major grammatical structures and patterns as they relate to TESOL instruction.
  • LING 583 Materials and Curriculum Development in Second Language Teaching Evaluation, adaptation, and development of curricula, syllabi, and materials for TESOL. Prerequisite(s): LING 483.
  • LING 593 Preparation for Practicum in TESOL (2 hours) (required for practicum option) Observation of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. Peer teaching and discussion. Individual work with ESL students.


Students will take two courses from each of two categories of selectives and one elective (4 hours each). The elective will be chosen from either list of courses or as approved by the Program Director. Courses are four credit hours.

The first group of selectives (A):

  • LING 480 Sociolinguistics The study of language structure and use involving socially-informed pragmatics, ethnography of communication, sociolinguistic variation and dialectology, and issues of bilingualism.
  • LING 540 Language and Gender Examination of sociolinguistic research and theories on the interrelationships between language and gender, including gender categories in linguistic systems, gender differences in language use, interaction, and cross-cultural comparisons.
  • LING 556 Second Language Learning An introduction to research findings and methods in second language learning.
  • LING 559 Seminar in Linguistics Advanced study in descriptive or theoretical linguistics. Topics vary.
  • LCSL / ENGL 567 Discourse Analysis Discourse Analysis addresses issues of intentional communication, inference, the structure of texts or talk-in-interaction, and the interactive construction of social actions or identities in discourse.

The second group of selectives (B):

  • LING 487 Computer Assisted Language Learning An introduction to computer assisted language learning (CALL): the use of computer technology in second language reading and research. The effectiveness of CALL technology is assessed based on SLA theory and research studies
  • LING 558 Seminar in Applied Linguistics Advanced study in applied linguistics. Topics vary.
  • LING 586 Second Language Assessment Classroom Testing for TESOL Theory and practice in the creation and evaluation of tests in the second language classroom.
  • ENGL 482 Campus Writing Consultants Tutoring in the Writing Center. Students are required to consult with others on their writing. Emphasis on practice and theories of writing. Appropriate for prospective teachers.
  • ENGL 555 Teaching College Writing Methods, materials, and practice in teaching creative writing. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only


Students must take one elective. This class can be an additional course from the above selective list (either A or B) that was not used to fulfill the Part 2 Requirement. It can also be another related graduate-level course offered by a different department, subject to approval by the Department Head.