Chinese New Year party!

New year wishes

Students and faculty of the Chinese language program had a party to welcome in the Year of the Ox! May the Year of the Ox bring in abundance these wishes from everyone at the party.时间 time 自信心 confidence 旅游 travel 快乐 happiness 健康 health 疫苗vaccine 美食 good-food 世界和平 world-peace,钱 money 顺利毕业 smoothly graduation 找到工作 landing-a-job), 去中国 travel-to-China), 一起吃饭 (spending-time-with-each-other-over-good-meals 睡够八小时 eight-hours-sleep 更多时间画画 more-time-to-draw), 去听BTS 演唱会 attend-a-BTS-concerts 更聪明 smarter 前程似锦 a-bright-future 大家都健康顺利 everyone-be-safe-and-well