Japanese Students Learning about Dialects of Japanese

November 6 2020 Japanese Dialects Event

Japanese program invited two native speakers living in the Chicago area, Saori Nakano and Ai Watanabe to give a mini workshop to students of JPN101, 103 and 210 on their native dialects of Japanese, Kansai-ben (spoken in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe areas) & Kokura-ben (spoken in northern Kyushu). Students thoroughly enjoyed learning Kansai-ben & Kokura-ben phrases.  Thank you, Ai and Saori, for having prepared very well for our students.  It's no surprise that students now started to greet each other using the Kansai-ben greeting they picked up: "ohayooGOZAIMASU!"(compare to: "oHAYOOGOZAIMAs(u)!" -- Can you spot the difference? -;)