Are you someone who is interested in the way language works? If so, then the Linguistics programs at UIC might be for you!

Linguistics is the scientific, analytical study of language and its structure. We look at things like sound, grammar, syntax, stylistics, and discourse to understand how meaning is made and how communication happens. We also strongly believe in interdisciplinary approaches to linguistics and focus on how linguistics can be applied in the real world.

There are many different ways to explore linguistics and many different facets to our department! You can pursue an interdisciplinary BS in Computer Science + Linguistics, a Minor in Linguistics, and general education and advanced courses in linguistics. Have questions? Contact our advising team here. 

Congratulations, Linguistics Minor graduates! It’s been an honor. We wish you a bright and happy journey ahead!

Fall 2021 Classes

LING 150 Introduction to the Study of Language (Flyer)

Gen Ed credits in Individual and Society | Required for Linguistics Minor | B or Better is Prereq for CS+Linguistics Major
Tues/Thurs 8AM-9:15AM | 9:30-10:45AM (two sections)

LING 230 Semantics, Pragmatics and Discourse (Flyer)

Required for the CS+Linguistics Major | Selective for the Linguistics Minor | Fulfills Writing-in-the-Discipline Requirement
Tues/Thurs 11AM-12:15PM

LING 300: Vocabulary in Action: How do we learn, process and use words as multilinguals? (Flyer)

Selective for the CS+Linguistics Major | Selective for Linguistics Minor
Tues/Thurs 12:30PM-1:45PM