New major!

We're excited to introduce the new BS in Computer Science and Linguistics! Beginning Fall 2020.

Minor in Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics offers course work leading to the Minor in Linguistics that will engage students in the description and analysis of language, language use, and language learning. The Minor will position students for further study in linguistics as well as for many careers in which critical thinking is required.

Specifically, the Minor provides knowledge and skills relevant for work in

  • education
  • the teaching of English or other languages
  • the computer industry
  • translation and interpretation
  • language documentation
  • publishing and dictionary work
  • testing and assessment
  • government work, such as the foreign service
  • consultant work in the fields of acting, advertising, law, or medicine.


Students who wish to pursue the Minor in Linguistics must complete 18 semester hours of approved courseword.

  • There are 3 required courses for the minor.
  • At least 9 hours at the 200-level or above are required.

Interested? Learn how to declare a minor.