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Opportunities in CS+Linguistics

Graduate Programs 

CSGrad4US Graduate Fellowship 

Supporting new graduates to apply for graduate schools. Fellowship includes mentoring during the application process and 3-years funding support.

Fulbright Student Program

Fulbright Critical Language Enhancement Award

(For Fulbright, note there is a UIC internal deadline before the national deadline. See the local advisor here)

Undergraduate Internships 

Pritzker Tech Talent Labs  of Discovery Partners Institute. Join its R2T (Road to Tech) Network to receive info on internships and research opportunities in tech

Paid student internships with Chicago tech companies, an initiative of Discovery Partners Institute.

Argonne National Laboratory Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate Programs at Argonne National Laboratory 

Internships with the Science and Technology Innovation program at the Wilson Center. In the past these internships were located in the District of Columbia. Due to the global pandemic, these internships are now conducted virtually. Undergraduate degree-seeking students can apply, and a background intersecting humanities (e.g. communication, linguistics, anthropology, English) and science and technology are particularly welcome.

Sprinternships 3 weeks in May, paid summer internships, designed to support gender equity in the tech industry and supporting women (including cis and trans) and nonbinary current students at UIC to support tech careers.



The Voyager Scholarship: the Obama-Chesky Scholarship for Public Service (new of 2022). Collaboration between the Obamas and Airbnb CEO to support college students from diverse backgrounds to be further leaders in public service with a global perspective.

External Scholarships 

Office of External Fellowships 


Undergraduate Research 

UIC Office of Undergraduate Research 

The Intersection of Linguistics, Language and Culture (ILLC). This is a National Science Foundation initiative supporting undergraduate research in linguistics. Its in-person programming focuses on the Greater New York area, but its annual conference has been hybrid, a good opportunity to disseminate your research. You will also find leads to national and international research opportunities for undergraduate students.

Guides for Writing-in-the-Discipline (Source: Harvard University's Writing Project)

Databases (This link is a UIC library proxy link. At this databases page, Look under L, "Language and Linguistics E-books Online" and "Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLAB)")

Annual Reviews in Linguistics (a UIC library link).

Research Guides in Linguistics (a UIC library link)