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Chinese students held a virtual conversation with Shanghai-based Photographer

traces--a photo

CHIN200 and CHIN300 students had a conversation in Chinese over zoom with Shanghai-based photographer Jie Zhang 张捷摄影师. Students asked excellent questions. Here is an example of Jie Zhang's work. It uses dark room technology and shows a woman's portraits taken over 2 years. Fittingly the series is called "traces", a very interesting way to reflect the time dimension in a 2D art form. In fact, the conversation took place at a very difficult time in China with Covid. Art and conversation gave us peace, joy and friendship. 中文200和中文三百的同学们昨天晚上和上海的摄影师张捷在网上对话。张捷老师给同学们讲解了他的摄影经历和作品的理念。这幅照片是用暗房技术产生的一个女人2年以来的面部肖像,用二维来表达时间的视觉效果,非常有意思。其实,目前是一个特殊的很困难的疫情时期。艺术和对话给我们带来了平静,快乐和友谊。