Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and the most spoken language in the US after English and Spanish.  That alone is reason enough to study this beautiful and ancient language and learn about the culture connected with it.

  • Chinese is a language of global business.
  • It’s spoken not just in China and in Asia. It’s spoken around the world by global communities connected by Chinese history.
  • Have an artistic flair? Chinese writing system and calligraphy are wells of inspiration.
  • Knowing Chinese gives you insights into current affairs.
  • Chinese philosophy and culture give you access to a world where ancient civilizations beat with a contemporary pulse.

The Chinese Program offers a basic language sequence, advanced language and culture classes, and a minor in Chinese. All levels require a placement to ensure you are at a level most suited for sustained progress.  Have questions? Click here for advising information. 

My Chinese minor opened the doors to global opportunities. As a Latinx student majoring in Latin American and Latino Studies, minoring in Chinese has allowed me to diversity my interest outside of the US. I worry that U.S.-China animosity may turn confrontational. I believe that language proficiency is critical in order to truly build mutual understandings. My advice for Chinese minors is to  supplement their language skills with professional opportunities they are passionate about such as internships, research, and study abroad. (Read more HERE. Jazmín is majoring in Latin American Studies Major and minoring in Chinese, Global Asian Studies and International Studies.)

Jazmín Juárez(茉莉)  |  Latin American Studies Major | Chinese Minor

Courses in spring 2021

CHIN209 and CHIN300 flyer

CHIN102 Elementary Chinese II

  • 3 sections: 1PM-1:50PM; 2-2:50PM; 3-3:50PM
  • synchronous online

CHIN104 Intermediate Chinese II

  • 2 sections: 9AM-9:50AM; 10AM-10:50AM
  • Synchronous online
  • Required for Chinese Minor

CHIN/GLAS 209 Advanced Chinese Language and Culture 

  • Synchronous online, 12PM-12:50PM
  • Required for Chinese Minor
  • Download the flyer here

CHIN300 Special topics in Advanced Chinese Skills: Chinese Myths and Fables

  • Synchronous online, 1PM-1:50PM
  • Selective for Chinese Minor
  • CHIN300 can be taken twice for 6 credits as selectives for Chinese if the topics are different
  • Download the flyer here

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