New major!

We're excited to introduce the new BS in Computer Science and Linguistics! Beginning Fall 2020.

The department of Linguistics offers two strands of learning: Linguistics, which, uniquely at UIC, provides an applied linguistic bend toward real world applications; and three modern languages-Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean-which both connect you to East Asian cultures and aesthetics, and give you access to these languages’ vibrant global communities.

Within Linguistics, you have the option to complete a minor in Linguistics. We are also developing a new BS major in Computer Science and LinguisticsĀ  in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering and the Hispanic Linguistics colleagues in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies. Stay tuned!

Within the three modern languages, you have the option to complete a Minor in Chinese, and fulfill the foreign language study requirement in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, in addition to a general education class on Korean Films and Society, and advanced language and culture classes in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Many of our students also choose to study the three languages in consecutive years to utilize the connections between the languages and cultures.