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Photo of Gogunska, Valeria

Valeria Gogunska

Chinese Teaching Aide


Hello! I'm Valeria Gogunska (高瑾瑜), a third-year student at UIC. I'm currently majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Chinese. I've been learning Chinese since high school and decided to pursue it in university as well, and currently, I have taken Chinese 200 and 209. Learning languages is one of my favorite hobbies, and along with Chinese, I also speak Spanish and Russian. I also like biking and painting. I love conversing with other people, and I hope to help make Chinese more comfortable and fun to learn. Don't hesitate to stop by! :)
大家好!我叫高瑾瑜,我是UIC大三学生。 我的专业是计算机科学,辅修中文。我从高中开始学习中文,并且决定也在大学学习,目前我已经学完了中文200 和 209。 学习语言是我最喜欢的的爱好之一,除了中文,我会说西班牙语和俄罗斯语。我也喜欢骑自行车和画画儿。我喜欢跟别人聊天聊天,希望能帮助中文学习更舒服更有趣。不要紧张,来来!  :)