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Richard Cameron, PhD

Professor, Head, and Director of Graduate Studies



Building & Room:

1715 UH


601 S Morgan St.

Office Phone Voice:

(312) 996-3241


I work in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis/pragmatics with professional interests in TESL and second language acquisition. In sociolinguistics, I pursue quantitative research with the goal of applying or testing linguistic and social theory. Among social topics, I am interested in age, gender, social class, and the question of what counts as a social fact.


Classes I have taught at UIC:

LCSL/English 567: Discourse Analysis (Previously Ling / English 553: Research Seminar in Discourse Analysis)
Ling 554: Theories of TESOL
Ling/Span 551: Research Seminar in Sociolinguistics: Sociolinguistic Research Methods
Ling / Gender & Women’s Studies/ Span 540: Language and Gender. (Renumbered as 440)
Ling 531: Grammar for TESOL
Ling / Curriculum & Instruction 483: Methodology of TESOL
Ling /Anthropology 480: Sociolinguistics
Ling 430: Syntax
Ling 415: Linguistic Structures I. (Introduction to Phonetics/Phonology)
Ling 405: Introduction to General Linguistics
Ling 270: Language in Healthcare
Ling 260: Language Acquisition, Language Contact, and Bilingualism
Ling 160: Language and Society
Ling 150: Introduction to the Study of Language

Span 406: Spanish Sociolinguistics
Span 366: Current Topics in Spanish Linguistics
Span 300: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (Previously Span 206)

Selected Publications


  • Bayley, Robert and Richard Cameron. (eds.) 2015. Language Variation and Change: Critical Concepts in Linguistics. Routledge Publishers. Five Volumes: Volume 1. Foundations and Methods Volume 2: Issues and Debates in the study of variation Volume 3. Language Change Volume 4: Internal and External Constraints Volume 5: Extensions and Applications of Sociolinguistics.
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  • Núñez-Cedeño, Rafael, Luis López, and Richard Cameron (eds.). 2003. A Romance Perspective on Language Knowledge and Use: Selected Papers from the 31st Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Chicago, 19-22 April 2001. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Journal Articles

  • 2010. “Growing up and apart: Gender divergences in a Chicagoland elementary school.” Language Variation and Change. 22:279-319.
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Book chapters, encyclopedia entries, conference proceedings

  • 2017. Coauthored with Janet Fuller. Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology: Sociolinguistics.
  • 2016. Sabita Acharya, Barbara Di Eugenio, Andrew D Boyd, Karen Dunn Lopez, Richard Cameron and Gail M Keenan. “Generating summaries of hospitalizations: A new metric to assess the complexity of medical terms and their definitions.” The 9th International Natural Language Generation Conference, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland.
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PhD in Linguistics
MA in Applied Linguistics/TESOL