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Ethical Linguistics

Decolonizing Language and Linguistics 

Q'anjob'al (Maya): Illinois Language Resource Initiative 

University of Wisconsin- Indigenous Languages Lab

Linguistics In Pursuit of Justice (John Baugh, 2018)

"De-sign by De-fault among linguistically disenfranchised populations" (John Baugh, 2021, hosted by the Design Lab at UC San Diego)

Interview with John Baugh  (The takes you to UIC library Proxy link).

3 ways to speak English (Ted talk by Jamila Lyiscott)

"'Sandra Bland: Talking While Black" (Guest post at Language Log co-written by Nicole Halliday, Rachel Burdin, Joseph Tyler)

"Language and Linguistics on Trial: Hearing Rachel Jeantel (and Other Vernacular Speakers) in the Courtroom and Beyond” (an award-winning paper John R. Rickford and Sharese King published in 2016 in the journal Language."  (the embedded link is a proxy link to UIC library.)

"Spoken Soul" A seminal introduction on Black English written by Stanford University emeritus professor John Rickford and his son, Russell Rickford, a Cornell University historian. See also Professor John Rickford's memoir "Speaking My Soul: Race, Life and Language."

The Language of Languages. (The Africa List). (2023) by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o. Listen to an interview with the author for TinHouse.


In Chicago 

"Dozens of languages spoken in Chicago homes reflect the city's wide-ranging diversity"  (November 29, 2022, Amy Qin, WBEZ)

"Advocates say language access issues could jeopardize voter turnout among Asian immigrants" (June 15, 2022, Esther Yoon-Jin Kang, WBEZ)


Resources for African American Language 

Oxford Handbook of African American Language 

The Online Resources for African American Language Project.   (ORAAL; Kendall, Tyler, Jason McLarty, and Brooke Josler, 2018; hosted by the University of Oregon)

The Corpus of Regional African American Language (CORAAL; hosted by the University of Oregon)


Interdisciplinary research frontiers 

#raciolinguistics# "Raciolinguistics: How language shapes our ideas about race" (edited by Samy Alim, John Rickford, Arnetha Ball, 2016)

#sociophonetics# Read an introduction to sociophonetics here from the Oxford Handbook of Sociolinguistics)

Center for Multilingual and Intercultural Communication at Stony Brook University


Equitable and Inclusive language technology 

Algorithmic Justice League 

Decolonizing speech and language technology (Bird, COLING 2020)

Building Representative Corpora from Illiterate Communities: A Review of Challenges and Mitigation Strategies for Developing Countries. (Hirmer et al., EACL 2021)

Language (Technology) is Power: A critical survey of "bias" in NLP (A meta-study on how "bias" is studied in NLP; Blodgett et all, ACL 2020)

09-03, 2020: What Does Building a Fair AI Really Entail? (Source: Harvard Business Review)

08-02 2021:Here Come Robot Nurses  (What does it mean to care for a human being? By UIC Global Asian Studies professor Dr. Anna Guevara)


Language and Climate Change 

What is Climate Change (United Nations)

Planet Word's guest lecture  "Language and Climate Change"