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Resources for Linguistic Studies

What is linguistics? 


Linguistics for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 


Undergraduate Research 


Career Opportunities in Linguistics and Computational Linguistics 


Last Mile Education Fund- Funding Opportunities for Students Pursuing Tech and Engineering Degrees


Linguistics-themed popular media 

Spectacular Vernacular 

Lingthusiasm  (This podcast is co-hosted by Lauren Gawne, creator of the Superlingo blog) and Gretchen McCulloch, creator of the All Things Linguistic blog and the award-winning book "Because Internet")

Word of Mouth (This BBC podcast is hosted the children's literature writer Michael Rosen) 

Planet Word Lectures on Language and Culture 

(Planet Word is a museum dedicated to language, a new landmark in Washington, D.C.)

A collection of Ted talks on language 

Fans of CrashCourse will enjoy this linguistics playlist 

History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences (a blog and podcast featuring well known linguists talking about their research)

Linguist John McWhorter's New York Times newsletter (as UIC member you have free subscription to NY Times)

Linguistic Puzzles


Resources for studying phonetics   (This podcast page has the best collection of resources for sounds)



NLP Tools for Social Sciences (an aggregated resource page curated by Dr. Kristopher Kyle, University of Oregon and Dr. Scoff Crossley, Georgia State University).

Praat - analyzing sounds

Voyant - visualize word patterns in texts

Elan - Annotating audio-video recordings 

NLTK: Natural Language Processing Toolkit  and the free book-length tutorial 

R free software for statistical analysis; commonly used in textual analysis

Otranscribe - web-based manual transcription of speech data with built in automatic looper

Otter.Ai - Machine transcription of audio and video recordings, this is the tool behind Zoom's automatic caption service

Audacity - free software to edit sound files

Fonts, software and tools for linguistics

CLOX - an automated transcription tool developed by faculty at the University of Washington Sociolinguistics Laboratory

Online keyboard for IPA symbols 

IPA Chart with Sounds 

Draw syntax trees online 


Studying Diversity of Languages of the World World Atlas of Language Structures Online

Ethnologue  documents world's diverse languages



TalkBank.  Database of talk in audio and video

Max Planck Institute Resources and Projects  

Google Research Datasets 


Linguistics Organizations  

Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

American Association of Applied Linguistics  (AAAL)

International Phonetic Association 


Computational Linguistics Professional Organizations

Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL)

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI )

ACL's Special Interest Group (SIG) on Linguistic Data & Corpus-based Approaches to Natural Language Processing (SIGDAT)


Tech Resources at UIC 

Break Through Tech Chicago is an initiative to support women to pursue higher education and careers in tech. It is in partnership with the Computer Science department at UIC and the second such center in the nation. Led by professionals who understand the importance of gender equality in the tech industry. Break Through Tech Chicago offers professional enrichments, mentoring and internship experiences.

The IDEAL Institute for Data, Econometrics, Algorithms, and Learning (, a joint research institute between Northwestern, UIC, U Chicago, TTIC, and IIT

ACER Training Series     Acer is short for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research. It is a branch of Vice Chancellor for Research Innovation. It regularly offers workshops on data analytic tool. Their workshops have limited seating and advanced reservation is recommended.

University Library's Digital Scholarship Hub (3D modeling, Python coding and more)


Supporting Diversity in NLP and the Tech Industry 

The Grace Hopper Conference 

Break Through Tech Chicago

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) 

Society of Women Engineers 

Widening NLP (Join via Slack)

Resources that support equity and inclusion across all demographics in linguistics (funded by Linguistic Society of America)

People of Color in Tech (POCIT)  


Student Organizations and Cultural Centers Supporting Linguistics and Language Studies 

Linguist List Student Portal 

Linguistics Club (a student organization) 

Language and Culture Resources Center 

Language Conversation Hours at UIC


Getting to know how linguistics plays a role in NLP 

Google I/O 2022 keynote live announces new developments - many of which center on machine learning of language for communication and play.

Finding A Voice (Source: The Economist) "Computers have got much better at translation, voice recognition and speech synthesis,...but they still don’t understand the meaning of language...."

DeepMind blog

Google Research Blog (This link takes you to a specific piece on grammatical error correction)

Google AI Blog (This link takes you to a specific piece on Google Transformer, a neural network architecture for language understanding.)

Language Log

Bias in NLP: A dangerous but fixable problem. 

Language in the Human-Machine Era (an EU-funded network of researchers connecting linguistics with the tech industry)

NLP Highlights