Chinese for Heritage Speakers

CHIN 111-112

Unlike the Chinese 101-104 sequence designed for the general audience (true beginners), Chinese 111-112 is conducted in Mandarin primarily, and focuses on reading/writing/vocabulary as well as oral communication in formal settings.

The target students of Chinese 111-112 are students who understand and can speak Mandarin Chinese at the intermediate level (and above) and would like to develop reading/writing abilities in Chinese.

The placement test and a placement interview is required for our Chinese classes at all levels.


CHIN 111 and 112 are intensive courses that enable students who have basic speaking and listening skills of Chinese (including various Dialects) to develop their reading and writing skills.

Generally, the courses will be conducted in Chinese (Mandarin), but certain grammatical points and complicated issues regarding language or culture will be explained in English.

Students will be able to brush up their knowledge of Chinese Romanization (Pinyin) System and that of radicals and practice character writing on a daily basis. They will also be able to acquire reading and writing skills through short essays in Textbook and extra materials. Various authentic audio and video materials including cartoon and movie clips will also be used to assist language-learning. Short presentations in Chinese will be practiced throughout the semesters.
course prerequisite semester offered
Chinese 111 - Chinese for Students from Heritage Background I placement Fall
Chinese 112 - Chinese for Students from Heritage Background II CHIN 111 or placement Spring


《大学语文》 A Primer For Advanced Beginners of Chinese (Vol. I) will be used as main textbook for Chinese 111.

  • Name – Basic sentence structures and particles – Functional expressions
  • Family – Numbers and measure words I – Money
  • Geography – Place words – Location
  • Nature – Functions of le – Time
  • Earth – Action verb and complements of result – Past, Fables
  • People – Measure words II and resultative complement – Chinese Idioms
  • Travel – Directional Complement – Vehicles, The Great Wall
  • Campus Life – The “ba” construction – Poetry
  • Health – Sequencing and Aspect Marker “guo” – Medicine
  • Food – The “shi……de” construction – Shopping
  • The book does not have an audio CD, therefore, the main texts, dialogues and supplementary reading texts are recorded by instructors and uploaded to the Blackboard site of this course.
  • Extra audio materials can also be found on the Blackboard site.

Chinese Link will be used as a supplementary material for practicing Pinyin and Radicals. Students will get various handouts made from the book. A Chinese-English Dictionary is recommended.


Minor in Global Asian Studies

Students wishing to Minor in Global Asian Studies may be able to use one course from the CHIN 111-112 sequence to fulfill part of the requirements. Visit UIC’s Undergraduate Catalog for details.

Who to contact

For more information on policies, placement, and course syllabi or for questions about Chinese at UIC, please contact the Chinese  Basic Language Coordinator.