Basic Language Program and Advanced Classes

We offer a BLP sequence and several advanced classes.

BLP stands for Basic Language Program. It refers to the two-years language study sequence designed for beginners to reach the low-intermediate level. The LAS Foreign Language Requirement may be fulfilled by passing Chinese 104 or passing the Chinese Placement Test.

Each course in the BLP sequence is a 4-credit hour course with a mixture of live whole-class meetings and online self-paced work. The self-paced work prepares students for live classes allowing face-to-face time to be spent on practice.

If you have completed the BLP, why not pick up the momentum and push for higher proficiency. Scroll down to see the advanced level courses designed to integrate language competency with cultural competency.

The UIC placement test is used to determine the appropriate course for each student. All students are required to take the placement test procedure.  Please scroll down to the “Placement” section below for more information.


BLP Courses

Course Prerequisite Semester offered
Chinese 101-Elementary Chinese I Placement Fall
Chinese102-Elementary Chinese II CHIN101 or placement Spring
Chinese 103-Intermediate Chinese I CHIN102 or placement Fall
Chinese104-Intermediate Chinese II CHIN 103 or placement Spring

Advanced courses

Course Prerequisite Semester Offered Language of Instruction
Chinese200-Advanced Communication in Chinese C or better in CHIN104 or placement Fall Chinese
Chinese209 Advanced Chinese Language and Culture C or better in CHIN104; or placement Spring Chinese
CHIN300-Special Topics in Advanced Chinese Skills Grade of C or better or concurrent registration in CHIN 200 or Grade of C or better or concurrent registration in CHIN 209; or placement equivalent; or consent of the instructor. Spring (occasionally fall. Contact language coordinator for updates) Primarily Chinese with some reading and discussion in English